Dyeing to go to Haiti

In my last post, I described the sewing school in Haiti that I am supporting with the proceeds of this business.  One of my offerings is a shibori dyeing workshop.  Shibori is a Japanese form of tie dyeing with intricate folding patterns.  These pictures are from a workshop I held a few weeks ago.  The participants may choose whether to use fiber reactive dyes or indigo, and this group chose fiber reactive dyes.  They had so much fun that they want to do it again with indigo, which we are hoping to do in March.

Terry brought her pieces with her to a quilting workshop, and she tells me that everyone loved them and several people were interested in a future workshop.  I am willing to schedule a date and time that is convenient for participants, and you may decide whether you would prefer to dye with indigo, fiber reactive dyes, or both.

The $40 fee for the class covers all materials, and you may choose whether you would like to dye silk or rayon scarfs, cotton fabric for quilt making, or a combination of these.  I will be using the proceeds to return to Haiti in April to hold a week long sewing workshop for the women in our new school.

If you are interested in a future workshop, please respond to this post with a day of the week that is most convenient for you.  Workshops are four hours, from 9-1.  Saturdays usually work best for most participants, but I am happy to do a weekday if there is enough interest.

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