Ice Cream and Sewing Machines

Three weeks ago I spoke to the students of Community Christian Academy to ask them to contribute to a coin drive to raise funds for heavy duty sewing machines for the Sewing for Souls school in Haiti, which will be starting up in just three weeks.  Stuart Sew and Vac was going out of business, and Randy offered me a great price on his three remaining Janome HD-3000 machines, but I had to purchase them before they closed their doors at the end of February.  I purchased them on faith and trusted that the fundraiser would be enough to cover them.  The students were promised an ice cream party for the class that raised the most money.

At the end of the first week, the second grade teacher called me to ask the cost of a machine.  She was so excited to tell me that her class alone had raised enough for a machine, and that the rest of the school had almost enough for a second machine.

At the end of the last day of the fundraiser, second grade thought they had won.  Then at parent pickup a grandparent of a kindergartner handed in a check that put them one dollar over the second grade.  I decided to call it a tie, and today I brought in an ice cream sundae party for kindergarten and second grade together.  Then I brought in the three sewing machines they purchased to chapel for the grand unveiling. 

The big surprise came when they handed me a check for $400 more than the cost of the three machines.  Donations continued to come in after the official contest was over. I will  have to pay to ship the machines over there and send money to Pastor Jacques to pay for customs, but I want to be faithful to use these funds as they were intended.  If there is anything left over, the rest will be set aside to purchase treadle machines for the students to use in their homes.

I am so grateful to everyone who had a hand in this, and to God for His provision.  The two treadle machines for the school have already been provided for, all of the sewing kits have been sponsored, the Bible study books have been received, and I have received generous donations of fabric and sewing notions as well as funds to pay for shipping and customs.

I purchased my ticket today for the trip on April 15th, and one other team member purchased hers as well.  I have several people interested in going with us in the future, but only one definite and two possible additional team members for this trip.  We could do the sewing projects with just three or four on the team, but to really minister to these women, to get one-on-one with them and show them we care and that God loves them, I feel we could use a couple more.  So my prayers now are for God to make clear to the women that He wants on the team that they are meant to go.

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  1. Fred Rowley says: Reply

    All for the glory of God? God is good all the time.!
    Donna I am so proud of you!

  2. Sandra Allen says: Reply

    What a wonderful story, Donna. Keep up the great work!

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