Sewing machines in Haiti!

I am so excited to report that the sewing machines that have been purchased and donated to the Sewing for Souls school in Haiti have arrived and cleared customs, the two treadle machines that were sponsored by my friends at Gone to Pieces have been purchased, and all of the machines are now at the orphanage in Haiti where we will hold the school!  Pastor Jacques sent me these pictures today.

Here are the boxes containing the three new Janome HD-3000s donated by the students of Community Christian Academy, the seven used machines donated by friends, and some of the fabric and notions that have been donated.  We will carry the rest of the donated fabric and notions in our checked bags when the team goes there on April 15th.


are the two treadle machines that the women will use at the school.  I am looking forward to trying these

out when we go down there.  I also have an antique treadle machine that was donated, but I am trying to get it in working condition before I ship it out.  Electricity is so sporadic in Haiti that a treadle machine is much more useful in their homes.  The orphanage has a generator so the women can learn on electric machines, but they need to be able to operate a treadle machine in order to use one at home.

I am so grateful to the many people who have had a part in this project–the women who sponsored the sewing kits, the women who donated fabric, notions, sewing machines, and funds to purchase machines and cover the shipping and customs fees, the women who came to my home here and to South Chatham Community Church to prepare kits of projects for the mission trip, and the teachers and students at Community Christian Academy who raised the money for the Janome machines.  Praise God for all the answered prayers this represents!



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  1. Kathy Wimberly says: Reply

    Oh, our God is so good! We are praying for the women who will attend the sewing school. We pray they will obey the Lord’s call on their lives. It has been great to spend time with my sisters at South Chatham Community Church preparing the fabric for this trip. I am so thankful for each one who has made time to work on this project. Praise God for His faithfulness.

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